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"Life is unpredictable.

Learn to handle difficult situations in a more
positive way."

Staff at Reins of Change are trained by EAGALA, the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association, and hold basic and/or advanced certifications. No other organization in the state of Illinois has staff with this level of training and experience. In addition to being the Founder and Executive Director of Reins of Change, Amy Blossom also serves on the EAGALA’s Board of Directors. Reins of Change is proud to play an active role in the international growth of this amazing field.

The following staff are scheduled regularly at Reins of Change:

Amy Blossom, Executive Director/Founder, EAGALA Advanced Certification, has been certified by EAGALA, the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association, since 1998. Her lifetime of horse experience, combined with her bachelor’s degree in psychology, corporate development experience, and extensive volunteer contributions, has made her an effective and highly respected leader in the specialization of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Equine Assisted Learning. She is the founder and Executive Director of Reins of Change, which offers two locations in the western suburbs of Chicago, serving clients from eight counties. Reins of Change is internationally recognized as a leader in the industry. Amy is the immediate past Chairman of EAGALA’s Board of Directors, and acts as consultant, trainer, and mentor for many international EAGALA organizations and associates. She manages EAGALA’s Illinois Networking Group. Amy has also founded Horses Healing Hearts, which is a not-for-profit program dedicated to providing Equine opportunities for youth-at-risk in Illinois, and is a member of the Junior League of Kane and DuPage Counties, Inc. Amy has been recognized as a pioneer in the development and growth of equine assisted psychotherapy and equine assisted learning.

Aimee Tetreault Maxedon, MA, EAGALA Basic Certification, holds a Bachelors Degree in Education with a minor in Psychology, as well as a Masters Degree in Multicategorical Special Education. In addition to her work at Reins of Change, Aimee has worked full time as an educator for the past 10 years. She has experience working with students diagnosed with a variety of social/emotional/psychological and learning disabilities. Aimee has worked in alternative education placement programs that applied both the psychodynamic and behavioral perspectives. She was previously employed as a Resource Specialist in the public school system, but is taking a year off to start a family and focus on Reins of Change. Aimee also did a great research project to study the effects of EAP on children with emotional disorders. Aimee is a member of EAGALA, is both an educational and equine specialist, and is currently working on a certificate in Equine Operations.

Arieahn Matamonasa

Becky Reuter

Brenda Hunter

Marya Chapeski

A variety of additional highly qualified staff, with specific areas of expertise, are scheduled as needed.

We also offer limited volunteer internships to college students and professionals training to work in the fields of EAP/L. Please contact us for additional information.


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