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"Life is unpredictable.

Learn to handle difficult situations in a more
positive way."

The horses at Reins of Change are some of our most important team members! We currently have 8 horses and 3 ponies at our center. They offer a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors, breeds, backgrounds, histories, and of course, personalities! Most of our horses work primarily in our EAP and EAL programs, and some also participate in our horsemanship program.

Hawkeye- a 29 year old registered Quarter Horse gelding, 15.3 hands tall, chestnut with white socks. Hawkeye has been with us the longest…about 13 years. He has touched many lives through his example of resilience, after an abusive past. He is the epitome of expertise in reading non-verbal communication… and he has listened to many stories that clients will only share with him when no one else is listening.

Monte- a 12 year old registered Thoroughbred gelding, 16.2 hands tall, grey. Monte has his own fan club, mostly teenage girls and corporate groups! (could there be a correlation??)

Blue- a 17 year old registered Paint gelding, 15.2 hands tall, white with black spots and BLUE eyes. Blue is an angel in horse clothing…

Annie- an 11 year old registered Paint mare, 15 hands tall, white with brown spots, blue eyes, and what looks like eyeliner!! Annie is Blue’s daughter, and their relationship has really grown through our program. She has the most press coverage of all of our horses combined! I like to remind her…pretty is as pretty does!

Jack- a 7 year old registered Quarter Horse gelding, 15.3 hands tall, chestnut with white socks. He looks like a young Hawkeye. He was rescued by a nice trainer who donated him to us. He has been doing great over the past 6 months, and seems to be thriving here.

Cody- a 12 year old registered TB gelding, 17 hands tall, dark bay and gorgeous. He was donated when he needed to find a home quickly. He is still working on a few of his quirks through our therapy program, but has been a great addition.

Izzy-a 12 year old grey Quarter Horse (pony) mare, 14.1 1/2 hands tall. She was saved from a meat buyer at an auction, and used as a private therapy pony for a year. We traded for her, and she has been an awesome therapy pony! She is learning all about identity and trust now.

Tigger- a 12 year old chestnut welsh/Shetland pony mare, about 12.2 hands tall. She may be short but she is mighty…

Moby- a 10 year old, white welsh/Shetland pony gelding, about 12 hands tall. He is on loan from a very nice family, and we are so thankful because he is so good with our youngest and oldest clients!

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